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Hemp Hip+Joint Mobility

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Treat Your Dog to Better Mobility with Wildpaw!

Dogs truly are part of the family. That’s why it’s so difficult to watch joint pain render them immobile as they grow older. Give your four-legged best friends the supplement they need to get back on their feet and enjoy a healthy and comfortable lifestyle! Help them stay active with Powerful Anti-inflammatory hemp and cartilage-building glucosamine, combined with 9 other effective ingredients that nourish your dog and eases the pain of old age.

And with Wildpaw's soft chews, there's no struggling to get your dogs to take their supplements. Crafted with irresistible chicken liver with a hint of natural bacon and vanilla flavoring, our dog joint supplement chews will have your pup begging for more!

● Organic Hemp: Antioxidant-rich organic hemp seed oil and powder fights joint pain, inflammation & allergies while moisturizing the skin.

● Glucosamine: Rebuilds cartilage in joints, decreases joint stiffness and improves shock absorption.

● Chondroitin: Gets dogs back on their feet, nourishing joint lining tissue, improving cartilage elasticity and preventing further deterioration.

● MSM: Naturally reduces pain and improves absorption of vitamins and minerals.

● Turmeric & Black Pepper: Decreases painful inflammation and boosts the immune system while black pepper aids its digestion and absorption.

● Boswellia: Anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic boswellia slows down the loss of cartilage and improves joint mobility.

● Devil’s Claw: Joint-supporting devil’s claw is a natural analgesic that keeps joint pain at bay.

● Vitamins C&E: Promotes healing and helps keep dogs healthy, improves blood circulation and decreases recovery time in sick and injured dogs.